“I can’t tell where the journey will end, But I know where to start.”


I wish I had written this closer to the time, where everything seemed so much clearer and the points and issues that the passing of Avicii raised within me offered nothing but clarity. As ever, life often finds a way of getting in the way and here we are weeks, maybe even months later (our new platform isn’t live just yet so I have no idea when I’ll be sharing this with you, and my conversational tone often leads to these tangents…. This is a tangent).

This may not really go with our general theme of Norse Mythology and fitness, but whilst not being a huge fan of EDM in general, Avicii was incredibly significant to me, along with thousands, maybe even millions of others too. I’d like to talk both about why and how this has shaped both my, and more importantly the NORSE approach to life. I know. Big statements from such a bad writer, but hear me out. At the very least there’ll be bad jokes and clumsy metaphors. Isn’t that why we’re here?

Avicii also in many ways captured so much about what we stand for at NORSE in the messages and themes his music explored. His videos and lyrics would reference the existence of lights in the darkness, leaned heavily on themes of spending time outdoors, travelling, and moments shared with friends that can shape our lives in ways we don’t even realise. A life lived to the fullest – with intent and adventure. Discussions of wealth and power never taking the forefront of the dialogue Avicii chose to share through his lyrics, always opting for far simpler pleasures. He told us stories of friendship, love, unity and those unquantifiable moments in life that become timeless memories. These are the moments we should chase, these are the memories we should live for. No one will ever look back when their story is coming to an end and wish they had less nights under the stars, less stories shared with their closest friends, less travel and adventure. Whether companions remained a part of their lives for years, or were simply a moment in time, we must chase these memories, moments. Relentlessly. We don’t have enough people championing this mindset, this lifestyle. In a society where we seem to elevate so many to icon status who have no business being our figure heads, inspirational figures and mentors: Avicii was a voice calling for us to chase a life of adventure, forging a community to rely upon, and for damn sure we lost a good one here.

“go venture far beyond the shores
Don’t forsake this life of yours
I’ll guide you home no matter where you are”

– the nights \\ avicii

Avicii was more than a musician. He was a traveller who was searching for more than the quantifiable: the existential meaning of human existence and his place on this earth. He struggled with depression and was sadly lost to us in April 2018.  Depression affects people in vastly different ways, making identifying and combating it incredibly difficult, both within ourselves and the people around us. Ones concept of reality can be altered so severely; that helping light their way back from the darkness sadly may not be enough. This potentially unwinnable battle must, however, be taken on every single time it presents itself. We must take to this battlefield ready to meet victory and failure alike, no battles fought alone. Whilst pushing each other to be stronger, fitter and healthier: this is, bar none, the main reason the NORSE Mindset was created. We are stronger together, and we should never leave anyone lost in the darkness.

The main point I wanted to make with this is the significance of these moments, these friends and these experiences of any kind may have on shaping the person we become. On a greater scale I have been shaped by the people around me – the time spent with those close to me, the memories we share have vastly altered both my perception of myself and the world, but also the things I value most and seek out. We will all meet people who take us on a journey that we may not even realise we are on. I truly believe a single moment or memory shared has the possibility of changing more than we imagine in the foundations of who we are. Take this thinking into all aspects of life. The people we meet, a movie, a holiday, damn, even a chance encounter in an online game can all have the same effect. Of course, the same can be said for music, and this is why I wrote this piece. As I said, I was never a huge fan of EDM, but there are a few sets of lyrics from Avicii that have resonated profoundly with me. It sounds crazy, but I think the way I view the most important thing I’d look for in a relationship encompassed perfectly by him. A simple line can perfectly capture an idea, feeling or fundamental meaning in a way that speaks so directly to you that it makes you question if perhaps it was something you were always supposed to hear.

My point is, and this site will never be about relationship advice,  I truly do apologise if I’ve misled you previously. A relationship guru is the furthest thing from who I am, or what we do. I have always been more the burning wreckage of a car still somehow alight underwater (Credit Zoidberg) when it comes to those kinds of decisions. But, if I can find the perfect embodiment of what true relationship happiness is in an Avicii song; all I can say to you is live. Cliche as hell, but the more you live, the more you will find exactly who you are, discovering more about the person you are, and perhaps the person you are supposed to be. Meet people, take journeys, get outside and be untamed. Chase those defining memories and moments like nothing else, be relentless and unbreakable in their pursuit. 

Be The Hunter.

Because at the end of the day, we live once, so “live a life you will remember.” Never look back and wonder what if.

“Find someone you call home” – Broken Arrows

Thank you Avicii


Avicii passed away on April 20th 2018. Like those lost to war in defense of their countries being honoured in the fitness community through workouts; we look to remember Avicii in a slightly different way.

Every April 20th make a special effort to make memories. Take a night out camping with friends, cook on an open fire, do something you will remember. We’d love to hear your stories on how you chose to make the night a special one.



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