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      NORSE.Life is a home for those who seek to forge a stoic and resilient mindset, rooted in tradition and armed for present-day battles.

      Join a community of adventurers taking on challenges that will test you physically and mentally, taking you both out of your comfort zone and back into the wilderness.

      Compete alongside and against the community for glory in Raids, Hunts and Operations, with those who are willing to face the greatest challenges earning a spot in the Halls of Victory.

      NORSE.Life is a call to reconnect with the self, others and earth through our ethos built upon The Wolf (other), The Hunter (self) and The Viking (earth).

      THE HUNTER (self)
      A reconnection with the self is the goal with our philosophy of “The Hunter.” Of the three strands, The Hunter is focused primarily on the betterment of the self. This approach is based upon:

      Building foundations of a healthy lifestyle through daily rituals
      Testing and realigning where your self imposed limitations are physically – and taking these learnings to all elements of your life.
      Becoming comfortable in uncomfortable situations.
      Forging the strongest version of the self.


      NORSE.Life is founded up 9 elements that make up our Ethos; a statement of intent that build the foundations to forge a stoic and resilient mindset (

      The elements focused upon in The Hunter:

      Relentless \\
      Unyielding in pursuit. An unstoppable and unrelenting force.
      Valour \\ Strength of character. Courage in facing life’s battles.
      Grit \\ An unbreakable resolve, through raw endurance and sweat.


      I Am The Hunter
      We can choose to hunt, to willingly descend into the darkness. The infectious nature of decision making does truly define us, for better or worse. Choose to be The Hunter.

      Embrace Your Dark
      We find its beauty, learn from it, and build bonds to traverse its darkness. Harness your demons. Take all the rage, fear and confusion and put it to work. Control the chaos; Embrace your Dark


      HYDRATE \\ 4 litres of water per day. Water must also be the first thing you consume upon waking.
      FIRE AND ICE \\ 2 cold showers / baths and 2 saunas per week
      REST \\ Restrict your blue light exposure 2 hours prior to sleeping, limiting phone and TV use, aiming for 8 hours of sleep per night.
      PLAN OF ATTACK \\ Plan your day – draw out a list of things you want to accomplish in that day and review prior to sleep. Ensure to not simply dwell on what went badly, but also acknowledge and dissect the victories. How can you do better, and what caused you to succeed.
      THE 100 MOVEMENT \\ Complete 100 reps a day, made up of any bodyweight movements you see fit.

      SUBMERGE \\ Complete at least 1 swim based workout – either at a pool or in an open body of water.
      TRAIN \\ Complete 5 workouts per week inclusive of the Submerge Protocol.

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