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      Whilst Pack Rosters are capped at a maximum of 6, your Raiding Pack for the week will be comprised of 3. This allows for flexibility given the week long commitment. At the start of the week you lock your 3 with no mid week switches. Raids demanding greater numbers will be clearly marked in future updates.

      Surround yourself with those who seek discomfort and adversity. If you are willing to hunt situations others shy away from; your foundations are there. You are never prey. You are the Hunter.

      There will be encounters and mechanics in workouts that can remove members from the Pack in multiple ways. At flare points you will be able to revive them from the Darkness, with certain failures removing them from a Raid attempt entirely.

      When you are ready to stand as a Pack and attempt Raids register your Pack here for official attempts and standings. Your Pack will be named in the format of The House You Represent + Unique Identifier chosen by you. You’ll simply submit your Pack Members and Pack Name.

      Examples Being

      JOTUNHEIM | Vanguard

      ASGARD | Endure

      HELHEIM | Raze

      Our plans are to make Raids possible for Packs who are situated across the world – so if you wish to stand with people across the oceans – do it.

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      • This topic was modified 4 years, 7 months ago by Profile photo ofalexAx.
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