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      So, that was a fantastic way to end the year! A huge thanks to everyone who got involved and shared the challenges. We got to meet a bunch of awesome people too! So the feedback begins as we calibrate the second Hunt. What we want to know for now is:

      – What did you enjoy most about the Hunt?

      – What do you think didn’t work as well?

      – Was there anything you think was missing that we could add to future events?

      – Is there anything you’d like added in terms of presentation of each challenge?

      – Would you be interested in future Hunts having an overarching theme? Say geared around endurance building, time spent outdoors, water based, testosterone boosting etc?

      Any feedback would be massively appreciated!

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        In terms of my initial feedback for what I’d like to add:

        – Considering leaderboards for those Iron Hunters that were doing incredible things.
        – Some kind of weighting of appreciation to people who both share their progress but also add advice and help to anyone following them.
        – Perhaps more accumulative challenges.
        – Videos or images to accompany each challenge to explain them in better detail.

        Bella Litinetski
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          Hey, so first of all, congratulations on the event. Felt great and very real as far as online events go.

          – leader boards or “Hall of fame” type thing could be nice, or maybe another way to mark outstanding achievements.
          – I would love to see more of a “story mode” and some challenges built as quest missions. Maybe some “mood setter” in the presentation.
          – would be great to connect the community more, in a more accessible way, perhaps a Facebook group?
          – some challenges were difficult to execute: especially the ones involving food donations in person. Not all countries work the same in charity/foodbank system.

          Looking forward to the next time

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            Awesome ideas
            Leaderboard – we were thinking of this on the next Hunt meaning we’d need to have scoring weightings and such 🙂
            Hall of Fame – something we’re actually going to do for this one
            Story setting – sounds intriguing but not quite sure how to implement!
            Community – I’ll pop a vote up on the story – offering Discord, Facebook group or Forum 🙂

            Cheers for the input 🙂

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